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A wild and wacky character to add that extra element of entertainment to your show.
Some are interactive. Some aren't. Listen and see...
(and think 'Little Britain'......grotesque over-the-top characters are back in!)

There's 10 cuts in each volume.
And there's more new characters coming!.............

Super Sid DJ

They really are thuper!

Cost per vol
Wacko Jacko he's Bad, he's Dangerous and he'll Thrill'yer..... Volumes 1,2,3 30 Wacko Jacko
Jerry Springer and his final thought for the end of your show! Volume 1 30 Jerry
Alan Titchmarsh on the phone with his big gardening tips! Volume 1 30 Alan
David Beckham and his words & thoughts for the day... Volumes 1,2,3 30 Beckham
Ricky Martin ay up lad! It's gyrating Ricky! Volume 1 30 Ricky
Bang Kok and his Hot Wok the oriental chef who dishes out abuse.... Volumes 1,2,3 30 BangKok
The Engineer he'll fix your studio and leave an odour too! Volumes 1,2,3,4,5 and 6! 30 Engineer
Mariella Jockstrap she's a little husky...... alright she's a dog! Volumes 1,2,3 30 Mariella
Road Rage Ricky he does traffic on his mobile and he's not happy Volumes 1,2 30 Road Rage Ricky
Announcer Man a super hero for today.... Volumes 1 30 Announcer Man
Jingle Brothers and Sisters with jingles for nearly every occasion..... Volumes 1 30 Jingle Brothers & Sisters
Shatner Man yes the Captain goes it alone where no man has... Volumes 1,2,3 30 Shatner Man
Dot Com the surfing granny of the inter-hairnet...... Volumes 1,2 30 Dot Com
George Looney "E.R. mrs!".... he'll have you in stitches... Volumes 1,2,3,4 30 George Looney
Big Turd yes, the big yellow hairy thing from Cul-de-Sac Street... Volumes 1,2 30 Big Turd



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