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  Who and What?


Dave Glass has been at the forefront of original radio production, for over 30 years.
His first job was at BBC's Broadcasting House, where he worked for 6 years, before moving into commercial radio. Dave is also the co-founder of the international children's charity Radio Lollipop.

Together with the latest audio technology and a vast experience of Radio, both as a presenter and sound consultant for numerous radio stations and advertisers, Dave Glass and his company have built up an enviable client base of national and local organisations.

Station clients include Vibe FM, Minster FM, Capital Gold, Essex FM, The Eagle, KL-FM, BBC Radio Two, Northsound One, Forth FM, Radio Lollipop, Mercury FM, Millennium FM, Radio Tay, Star FM, Ten 17, Oasis, Active FM, Youth FM......blah blah blah....
Individuals include too many to mention (or bore you with).....



Dave Glass Productions is a production facility that specialises in:

1) Station and Presenter Imaging
2) Comedy material
3) Production services

Our aim is to stimulate the ears of your listener.
We paint pictures with sound.
Listen to our demos on the following pages and you'll see what we mean....

look mum, no face







All productions described on these pages are for DJ Promotional use only.
Unauthorised copying, public performance, broadcasting, hiring, rental or sale of any recordings is strictly prohibited.
Dave Glass Productions Ltd


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